Why crypto KYC is of rising importance

Why crypto KYC is of rising importance

As governments try to make cryptocurrencies secure, waves of new regulations are being implemented. With this crypto KYC is becoming crucial.

KYC-Free P2P BTC, $EGLD $DAG cc, $WULF, Inheritance, Cycles n more

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KYC free Peer to peer BTC trading, BTC Cycles, DCAS & TABI combo, DAU vs New Users, TeraWULF analysis, Inheritance game plan, Constellation DAG, MultiverseX Elrond update

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0:00 Intro
2:20 Where to Ask Questions – Questions from this video are taken from Patreon members (Investor level or higher) patreon.com/investanswers
2:38 Bitcoin Cycles
3:38 Bitcoin Adoption (Addresses)
4:30 Jack Dedicating His Life to Bitcoin Adoption
4:58 BTC Scarcity
5:42 BTC as % Global Wealth
6:25 Bitcoin Adoption 46M/8BN = 0.005625
7:08 We Are Here
9:18 Chewie Peer to Peer Bitcoin Bisq – A decentralized bitcoin exchange network Getting Started
9:40 Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges – LocalBitcoins, HodlHodl, and we will go in depth on one called Bisq network.
10:42 Non-KYC Exchange: Bisq Network
11:55 Advantages of Bisq Network
13:00 Install and Create Account
13:22 Find Offers and Trade
14:16 CraigM – DCAS and Top and Bottom Indicator Combo
15:00 Models
15:40 Combo #1: DCAS and TABI
17:00 Combo #2 Trend and DCAS TABI
18:00 Combo #3 Layer Out and DCAS TABI
19:25 OP-Nico DAU vs New Addresses I found out something interesting. Comparing Solana to Ethereum, the number ok daily active users are decreasing (source: the block on chain metrics) and also, the number of new daily addresses is usually roughly half the number of Daily Active Addresses, while for ETH it’s usually 1/5 – 1/4. Doesn’t that mean that SOL has less user retention than ETH?
20:00 ETH DAU vs New Addresses
20:42 SOL DAU vs New Addresses
21:20 DAU vs New Addresses
23:03 Fyvieloon TeraWulf Review
23:50 WULF Hash
24:20 WULF BTC Mined Per Month
25:00 WULF Balance Sheet
25:20 WULF Earnings
25:40 WULF Upside Target vs Others?
26:20 Is WULF the Next CLSK?
27:20 Tarnished Inheritance Game Plan
28:55 Rule #1
29:59 My Game Plan – NFA
32:01 Lime_Street_Music Constellation $DAG Compendium Score
32:55 Constellation $DAG
33:30 $DAG Chart
34:56 MultiverseX Elrond $EGLD
35:54 MultiverseX Elrond $EGLD IA CC Score
36:00 MultiverseX Elrond $EGLD SCP Score
36:33 Chart
36:40 Other EGLD Data Points
37:22 Lucky_Dragon 1 Leg Stool Only – Which One?
38:00 If My Stool only had 1 Leg
40:00 This week we donated to Sea Shepherd and their efforts to save the Vaquita Porpoises:
42:00 Live Q &A

Crypto self-custody explained

In this episode of Crypto Corner, a series that dives into cryptocurrency, Yahoo Finance Producer Joseph Santangelo explores what is crypto self-custody. Featuring Casa Co-Founder and CTO Jameson Lopp, MicroStrategy Executive Chairman Michael Saylor, BitBoy Crypto Founder Ben Armstrong, Crypto YouTube Host Matt Kohrs and Yahoo Finance Senior Reporter Jennifer Schonberger. #yahoofinance

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Why Binance takes KYC seriously and you should too

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Binance Blog – ​What is KYC, and How Is it Increasingly Important for Crypto?

Binance FAQ – How to Complete Identity Verification

0:00 Intro – What is KYC?
0:13 What is the difference between KYC and AML?
0:24 What are the benefits of KYC?
0:46 Why is KYC important for crypto exchanges?
0:57 How to complete intermediate KYC on Binance?
1:25 What are some identifying documents required by KYC processes?
1:36 Ending

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What Does KYC Mean for Cryptocurrency Trading?

Hello there, and welcome to BigONE’s class!
#KYC is the process of verifying a user’s identity.
All financial institutions must also promote anti-money laundering (#AML) regulations.
KYC is also important in the new #cryptocurrency field. Platform compliance is a necessary condition for the blockchain industry.
Let’s talk about what KYC means for cryptocurrency trading in this video.