Beyond Identity secures unicorn status following $100m Series C

Beyond Identity secures unicorn status following $100m Series C

Identity management solution provider Beyond Identity has raised $100m in a Series C funding round led by Evolution Equity Partners.

And because we don’t use passwords where I work. #corn #shorts #cybersecurity

29. The Journey to Zero Trust Starts with Authentication

On today’s episode of Cybersecurity Hot Takes, we are joined by the one and only Dr. Chase Cunningham, a.k.a. Dr. Zero Trust. He and the podcast crew discuss the foundations of Zero Trust, and how organizations can make meaningful steps in their journey, today, towards a better cybersecurity architecture.

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Informal security chat with Beyond Identity’s CTO Jasson Casey, Founding Engineer Nelson Melo, and VP of Global Sales Engineering Husnain Bajwa and our host Marketing Empress Reece Guida. Join us for the good, the ugly, and the unexplored in the cybersecurity space.

Chat topics include MFA, authentication, passwordless solutions, and how Beyond Identity is utilizing asymmetric cryptography to create the first unphishable multi-factor authentication on the planet.

What’s Wrong With Our Sign In Process?

Hackers Don’t Break In: They Log In!

Listen to the following security and product experts share their insights in the webinar:

Jasson Casey, Chief Technology Officer at Beyond Identity
Richard Penshorn, Founder and CEO of Modern Stack

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Fallen Unicorns: Startup Billionaires Nearly $100 Billion Poorer Than A Year Ago | Forbes

Last January, credit card startup Brex raised $300 million from a string of A-list investors, nearly doubling the company’s valuation to $12.3 billion and making its Brazilian cofounders– 26-year-old Pedro Franceschi and 27-year-old Henrique Dubugras–the world’s youngest self-made billionaires.

It’s certainly far too early to write-off the long-term success story that could be Brex. But a year later, Forbes estimates the company’s value has fallen to $6.4 billion–nearly 50% less than 12 months ago. Francheshi and Dubugras, meanwhile, are no longer billionaires–worth an estimated $900 million apiece, down from $1.5 billion.

They are in good company. In March 2022, near the peak of the startup funding frenzy, 44 founders of unicorns–private companies valued at over $1 billion–were worth a total of $190 billion, according to Forbes’ estimates. A year later, with crypto tumbling and private markets going the way of their tanking public counterparts, Forbes–in consultation with prominent VCs, investors and data providers–has revalued the world’s billionaire-backed unicorns. The results are stark: Half the wealth of the billionaires behind unicorns has been wiped out, leaving this elite group of startup visionaries $96 billion poorer than they were a year ago. Twelve of them are no longer billionaires. And that excludes a dozen Chinese unicorn founders who face their own unique set of issues (political and otherwise).

Some unicorns have already cut their own valuations. Online payments startup proactively slashed its internal mark to $11 billion in December, after investors valued the company at $40 billion in January 2022. That knocked down the fortune of its Swiss founder and CEO Guillaume Pousaz, briefly Europe’s richest tech entrepreneur, to $7.2 billion from $23 billion.

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