Bold Penguin integrates Thimble API to improve bindable quotes

Bold Penguin integrates Thimble API to improve bindable quotes

Commercial insurance exchange Bold Penguin has integrated the Thimble API into its platform to improve bindable quotes for customers in 48 US states.

Fall In Love With Native APIs – Robert Laverty

The NativeScript APIs are awesome, but there is a lot of power in learning and using the Native iOS and Android APIs. One of the coolest parts of NativeScript is that it exposes all of this awesomeness in JavaScript without any plugins or additional interfaces. In this talk, Rob will go over his favorite tips and tricks.

MetPy Mondays #134 – Buoys and Tropical Storm Cristobal

This week we track tropical storm Cristobal with the buoy network and find some common mistakes you might make when creating maps!

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Bold Penguins acquires competitor

Bold Penguins acquires competitor