Bold Penguin extends partnership with Mylo

Bold Penguin extends partnership with Mylo

Bold Penguin, an InsurTech100 company, has extended its partnership with digital broker Mylo to improve personalised insurance recommendations.

Setting up your Business and IP to Avoid Litigation w/Special Guest

5 Tips to Avoid Litigation on your Patent or Trademark:

Watch the full episode to learn these valuable pieces of advice, and don’t make these critical mistakes. Many IP holders fall into these easy traps, and the price is expensive when it comes to litigation and legalities.

Bold Bite: Palmini

Palmini is yet another healthy take on spaghetti noodles by using hearts of palm as the base. They struck a chord with the Shark Tank, and the founder secured a deal in 2018. The product is stamped as “patent pending”, however, a patent has not been issued as the claims match another previously-filed patent application.

Finally, the company never filed a word mark for their product, and they also did not file in the “online sales” class. Two missed opportunities to secure more IP protection and to pursue online sales.

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