Sustainable Finance Live: How can nature be made bankable?

Sustainable Finance Live: How can nature be made bankable?

How are different financial institutions approaching climate strategy and sustainable investment? The potential for sustainable investment was explored in the keynote presentation: How can nature be made bankable? by founder of ResponsibleRisk Richard Peers and CEO of sustainable investment company Mirova, Philippe Zaouati.

Bloomberg Green: Making Finance Sustainable

Jul.30 — Money is flooding into sustainable finance at a pace that has never been seen before. But, as companies and countries pump cash into climate projects, how can we differentiate the change-makers from the profit-takers? In this edition of “Bloomberg Green” we break down the institutions trying to define what makes sustainable investments ‘green’. Plus, we talk to the CEO of European private equity house EQT about a world-first: a bond issuance linked to sustainable goals where failure to meet targets means a bigger payout for investors.

The Basics of Sustainable Finance

In this video, I provide a basic overview of sustainable finance and some of the major investment strategies employed for social and environmental considerations and impact.

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0:00 Introduction
3:11 Risk vs. Return
5:03 7 Main Sustainable Investment Strategies
6:40 Exclusion
6:53 Engagement
7:20 ESG Compliant Investment
8:20 Norms Based Screening
8:46 Best In Class
9:24 Sustainability Themed Investment
9:46 Impact Investment
11:25 Why Invest Sustainably?
13:58 ESG vs. Impact
18:32 Summary
21:51 Closing

The Role of Central Banks in Sustainable Finance (Challenges & Opportunities)

The Role of Central Banks in Sustainable Finance (Challenges & Opportunities)

What is Sustainable Finance?

Sustainable finance and ESG investing are trending topics – but what do these terms really mean? How can they help mobilize funds to combat climate change and restore the Earth’s dwindling biodiversity? From definitions to key players, here’s all you need to know about sustainable finance.

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0:00 Intro
0:54 What is sustainable finance?
2:12 Why is sustainable finance important?
3:34 Who provides sustainable finance?
5:28 How do you know if an investment is sustainable?
6:59 How does sustainable finance work?
8:29 What lies ahead for sustainable finance?
9:35 Outro

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