Barclays rolls out voice-recognition security

Barclays rolls out voice-recognition security

Barclays is rolling out voice-recognition security to all its personal banking customers, eliminating the need for passwords and improving protection against fraud.

Digital Accessibility PT II: “Accessible systems are secure” [proven with a demo] #blindlifetalks

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Notice: Apologies for the rather poor audio quality. We had to use skype for this video, due to unforeseen circumstances, and it has a terrible audio processor.

Back with the third video in the #blindlifetalks series. This time, it is a follow-up to the previous one.

In our previous episode, we went over digital accessibility in a more broad sense, talking about some instances of the lack of digital accessibility, busting some myths on the same and offering suggestions on how to improve the digital accessibility of a system.
This video is even more laser-focussed on a specific myth on digital accessibility: “accessible systems are not secure”.
In this video, Abhishek Dhol proves, with multiple demonstrations, how accessible systems can, in fact, be secure, if implemented with the right logic.

Our previous #blindlifetalks video on digital accessibility:
The Equality Act (contents page):
The Accessibility Regulations 2018 (UK):
The link to the judgment in the case of National Federation of the Blind v. Scribd:
On providing accessible television and broadcasting services, S. 10 of the Communications Act 2003 (UK):
On practo being forced to make its app more accessible for the blind:

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SHAQ Couldn’t Stop Laughing at What Chuck Said ������

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Mock Call #20: Financial Account | Bank Customer Service

Mock Call #20: Financial Account | Bank Customer Service
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Citi: Transforming our Client Experience in Asia with Voice Biometrics Authentication

Across Asia, Citi is rolling out voice biometrics authentication to transform the banking experience for an anticipated 1 million customers. Our clients are constantly at the center of our thinking and this enhancement will allow them to more quickly and safely execute their banking needs. Launched in several markets across Asia in 2016, with additional expansion planned for 2017, bringing this technology to our clients is an important step in transforming the client experience.

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